Welcome to Starr High School!

Beginning July 27, 2016 and for a limited time only, Ellen Gates Starr High School will open its doors to the world-premiere immersive performance, Learning Curve.

Learning Curve will place audiences within the walls of Ellen Gates Starr High School and in the shoes of its students. With each step audiences take through Starr High School, they will experience the real-life triumphs and struggles of Chicago public school students, teachers and parents during the years that hopefully lead to a high school diploma.

Created and performed by 32 Chicago high school students, Learning Curve is the first large-scale, site-specific theater production in the country featuring a youth ensemble.

Ellen Gates Starr High School is named for the pioneering educational and political reformer who co-founded Hull House settlement house in Chicago with Jane Addams in 1889.

Born in 1859, Ellen Gates Starr co-founded Hull House with Jane Addams to provide social and educational opportunities for working-class people, many of them recent immigrants, on the Near West Side of Chicago. Under the joint leadership of Starr and Addams, Hull House established Chicago’s first public playground, bathhouse, and public gymnasium, pursued educational and political reform, investigated housing, working, and sanitation issues, and became a standard bearer for the national settlement house movement.

Ellen Gates Starr lived and worked at Hull House for nearly 30 years. During her time there, she promoted art appreciation among the residents of Chicago by establishing reading clubs, teaching art history classes, and decorating Hull House with works of art. In 1894, she founded the Chicago Public School Art Society. While at Hull House, Starr also worked to end child labor and aided striking women workers. She helped found the Illinois branch of the National Women’s Trade Union League.

Today, Starr High School is home to a diverse student body that represents a microcosm of the racial, ethnic, social and economic diversity found in the population of America’s third largest city.

For more information about Learning Curve and to purchase tickets, visit aptpchicago.org/production/learning-curve/.


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